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I just arranged from Kodiak unexpectedly and they are hands down the best spot to get genuine stuff, period!
I've in a real sense squandered large number of dollars, from different sources, attempting to find what I was searching for. Kodiak Sovereign has been the ju.....st a single capable to live up to my desires. Obviously, they currently have made sure about all my future business and I will get the news out. They are very proficient, affable, and on top of everything. I put in my request what's more, it was delivered in two days, Amazing! Additionally, they tossed in a container of gear as blessing! I basically can't express enough beneficial things about my involvement in them.


Very discrete and painstakingly bundled.

2 - Test E 250 mg/ml
1 - Tren E 200 mg/ml
1 - Sust. 250 mg/ml
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


Hello sir, Iam sorry to learn that, yet I disagree you that expression quality bad without labs, we have a huge loads of clients did labs to affirm the quality items, and each of my units have an auton.....omous codes for checking at legitimate site. We ensure that items are 100% genuines. I see in some cases I answer messages over 24hrs, yet I never defer shippings. a large portion of our bundles are in 7-10days show up. might be you need to concentrate more about instructions to utilize it correctly.
best respects
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After having encountered two terrible sources I found suppdirect.com and I've at long last discovered my high level dealer!
Two arranges up until now and everything went of without a hitch.
Legit stuff, protected and attentive bundling. Will arrange soon again.
Alrea.....dy prescribed it to dear companions.

Communication and backing (sent two inquiries) were great and answers came pretty quick.

Everything was pressed securely, no harms. Great!
The bundling was tactful and the delivery (to an European nation, outside UK) was quick.

1x Nolvadex 20mg
1x English Monster Decabol 250
2x English Mythical beast Testabol Enanthate 250
2x English Mythical beast Boldabol 200
1x English Winged serpent Testabol Warehouse (Cyp.) 200,

Everything was genuine. No pips.
Made great increases and still hold the greater part of it on my voyage.

I made an impact for 22 weeks with:
Test E, Boldenone and Deca
(upped the doses first and later supplanted Bolde with Deca),

Right now I'm on a voyage exclusively with Cypionate.
Lost some quality and water, yet at the same time looking jacked.

Didn't utilize the Nolva up until now, yet, contrasted with the one item I previously had home, it is genuine as well.

Glad I found a genuine vendor. I will definetely arrange again.
Would prescribe it to anybody living in Europe.
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Chose this site as my first requests around 3 months back. Communication is incredible as they react inside 24 hours for any and all inquiries I have posed. Initially didn't know where to purchase from being my first request however in the wake of picking pharmacomst.....ore.ws and expressly testing their items with RoidTest I was satisfied with the outcomes.

Excellent. Vlad and others generally reacted inside 24 hours or less to any inquiries.

Packaging extremely watchful and bubble-wrapped to guarantee safe delivery,

(2) Test 200mg Cypionate
(1) Anastrozole (arimidex)
(1) Clomos,

After testing the cypionate with RoidTest pack the outcomes were 100% real and definitive. Hormones present and shading match was awesome.

I will totally request from them again as this is my go-to and just site I realize that I can trust for good stuff. Exceptionally inquisitive to look at their HGH next request.
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I began optomistic in light of the fact that SFY came profoundly suggested from a companion. Their strategy says they will reship after 30 days. Still no reaction, affirmation of reship, or tracking number. They rush to get the gift however delayed to support you. In.....credibly disillusioned in this source. Not what I expected.

(Update 06/28/14)
Well I at last got the remainder of my request. Everything was there as requested. After a few messages bavk and gorth, Julia followed through on her promise and hot me the remainder of my request. I comprehend a held onto request is a game of chance yet better communication would have made things simpler.

Communication is disappointing. At times they answer, now and again they don't. Takes a few messages, PMs what's more, pists to get a reaction.

(Update 06/28/14)
Communication has improved. Julia addressed my messages what's more, we were at last ready to fix my request.

Order was isolated in two bundles. Gotten the primary bundle inside about fourteen days. Second bundle actually has not shown up. Its been more than 45 days.

Packaging was standard.

(Update 06/2/14)
After 60 days I at long last got my whole request. Conveniently stuffed.

Genshi Test Prop 500 x 3
Genshi Test E 1250 x 8
Roid In addition to Anastrozol x 3
Roid In addition to Clomid x 2
Roid Also Nolva x 2,

Test E (just item I got) works well. Genshi items are consistently gtg.

(Update 06/28/14)
Got all my stuff! Still havent began utilizing it, however quality looks great, clear. Never had issues with Roid In addition to or Genshi.

I might want to suggest this source however not until the honor their multi day reship strategy. For the present, Im going to acknowledge this as a misfortune cause I dont hope to ever recieve my request. I Don't Suggest!,

(Update 06/28/14)
Even with the long delivery time I would in any case suggest this source if communication got better. I may return and attempt again soon... STILL NOT Completely Persuaded.
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How can we PM you on here as we don't have a clue how even. We looked under your profile yet it doesn't have any PM alternatives that we can see. Much appreciated

Have requested from ASHOP in the past without any issues. Spot request first of December, Have'nt heard nothing
no email reaction or then again anything. Such a disgrace was a great source.

in on their promotion got 50 d bol tabs 25 milligram,

even however it was a gift he hit me up very rapidly communication was on point,

considering it was worldwide it was something like 10 days which I feel is truly great bundling was extremely secure,

d bol ta.....bs from zydex,

I'm just taking 25 milligrams every day and let me let you know these are probably the most difficult siphon I have ever had my life at whatever point I take great D pol I get extreme migraines and the siphons totally hurt I thought my rear arm muscles we will tear into equal parts today what's more, I'm just about seven days in,

after how great of an encountered this was with muscle advancement I will be back those tabs he sent me are quite serious probably the best individuals I've ever had can hardly wait to attempt the remainder of his stuff
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Sent the moulah off today... The price they have recorded is damn great contrasted with a few different locales I considered. In the event that everything works out positively, I'll be submitting a few additional requests. I'll keep ya refreshed.

Was fortunate to get in on two promotions so had enough to begin a cycle.

None required. Active on conversations page if you have to contact him or by pm..

TA was 20 days.. That was more to do with postal assistance as it sat for seven days without moving.

Sus .....350
Npp 150
Provion 100 x 25 mg,

Ive ran 7 Sus and Npp cycles previously and have never required a man-made intelligence. It would appear that it was a poorly conceived notion beginning cycle without.

Cycle was stopped as I had an excess of water swell which was for the most part in my face. Under my eyes and eye tops. It looked silly what's more, everybody was asking what was up with my face.

Sus what's more, Npp must be over dosed as I have ran many top labs previously and never had awful sides from water swell. All the products signs where there from great Sus, expanded drive, sentiment of prosperity, increment taking all things together lifts.

Provion was acceptable just utilized one other brand previously. Will arrange this brand for quailty and price. 25mg split am and pm.. Charisma expanded significantly and had morning wood throughout the day..

Very disillusioned I needed to slice cycle short due to my own carelessness of not having simulated intelligence available. Put in crisis request with a homegrown provider for artificial intelligence figure it would land in seven days. It still hasnt consequently halted cycle.

No dithering request from these folks..
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From EU to US the standard US postal abroad postponement so you gotta prepare. The new site made usability with bitcoin hands down the best experience when requesting. Other than the wild shakiness a year prior in the public authority which postponed mail out of the .....nation by months I have never had any issues with Ashop. That is all.

Super quick communication and reship if necessary after responding to the standard ID questions.

Great secrecy when required.

I have requested 8 separate cycles from these people and the sum total of what stuff has been genuine.

From Oral to Injectable I've attempted about all that ASHOP has and's everything top rack unadulterated stuff.
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Review for suppdirect.net,

None required by any stretch of the imagination,

3 days from requesting to delivery.

Very well stuffed didn't stand apart from some other mail,

3\xd7 bioniche test prop 150,

The oils were smooth/clear totally zero pip.

Was ran a.....t 1ml eod close by 50mg of anvar for a multi week cycle.
This is my undisputed top choice stack.....I picked up approximately 6 strong lbs of fit muscle while losing overabundance body fat.
After week 1 my strenght increment was moderate and consistent exalent endurance/labido all through the cycle,

No requirement for an ai all through and got done with standard pct.

Wish I could of expanded this cycle at that point however was planned before occasions so needed to stop when I did.

Very expert to manage simple gift techniques can't blame the source by any means.

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Long exaggerate review for pct pregnyl I got of this source. My first request from this folks. my standard source had run out of hcg furthermore, I required it gravely.

Was not Fastest in answering but rather got answer same day,

Packed all around was just little..... request. Gotten it 2 days after I send installment,

3 x 5000iu hcg pregnyl,

I was utilizing this clomid along with hcg pregnyl. my pct was as cry,

First week 100mg per day
2nd week 100m per day
3 and fourth week 50mg every day,

Pregnyl I done add up to 15 000iu first day 1000iu am and 1000iu pm then 1000per day,

Clomid took great cear of my testosterone levels, kicked in with in Same day,

Pregnyl took couple of days to see noticeable changes in testicle size.

I need to state I was anxious about the possibility that that hcg may be phony as there are numerous fakes out there and I didnt realize what's in store from this source. Fortunately it was as genuine as it can get,

Thank you all for quality items. I have recomended you to certain companions as confided in source
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Well a day or two ago I got my second request from Roidsseek. The shipping took a little long however like they state they aren't managing with candy here. Incredible client assistance. They addressed each ticket inside 12 hours and I would expect the time change has..... a great deal to do with it. About the stuff well its my first cycle so I don't generally realize what to search for. My first cycle comprises of 30mg ED of dbol and 500mg of test c week after week. I began dbol seven days back and my weight is up 5lb and test began 3 days prior. The stuff was bundled well and they releived each weakness I had. Professional organization and I Expectation nothing changes. I will stay a grateful client forever on the off chance that it does. Props to them as they appear to have there s*#t together. By the way it's so ideal to have an organization out there doing the exploration to ensure these are veritable and genuine providers Thanks folksSee more

I have made buy here previously and I will keep on making more buys.

Usually 24 hours to answer yet this time no communication was required. I set request on Friday and bundle was shipped on Tuesday.

Inside EU bundle and mindfully bundled so showed up safe.

BP .....anapolan
BP testc,

Just like the radiance utilized in past this mix was solid and effective. Anapolan furnished with incredible quality, animosity and siphons where as testosterone c gave solid sex drive, better state of mind and prosperity. Furthermore testosterone was sufficient to keep the quality on track after suspension of multi week anapolan.

Balkan is first in class brand and you can not turn out badly with it in the event that you realize where to search for it.
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Sir, this isn't the right method to get in touch with us, please PM me with your request reference number

I as of late did a little request seven days prior..

I have not recieved my items and their email isn't working. Looks like they erased it and quit reacting to my messages. Appears dubious might want answers please..

email\xa0protected [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protectio.....n#1a73747c755a696e7f6875737e7c756863756f34797577]See more

Excellent quality and administration.

I have requested from basicstero on various occasions and I keep on being impressed.
Communications have been astounding and gone from helping me see how to utilize BTC to settling a worries with respect to the aftereffects of .....a LabMax test. Concerning the LabMax, I was advertised the occasion to send my example to a systematic lab for HPLC examinations to Pharmacom's detriment - results returned great! Bloodworks too upheld these realities. A source that is certain enough in their item to be eager to pay for me to haphazardly send an example for HPLC to guarantee me of value (after I have just arranged and gotten it so it is extremely unlikely they could know early) has acquired my regard and certainty.

Great communication and uphold. I related through various private messages and messages for issues, for example, utilizing BitCoin, item availabilities, and quality. Each time I was totally fulfilled by the assistance I got.

T/A was precise and true to form; One must consider factors outside of the sources control, for example, separation a bundle must travel- - with everything considered the T/A was on point.
Packaging was spotless, discrete, and secure.


Very high caliber and clean.
I impact and voyage for well longer than a year and just had any eminent PIP 2 or multiple times (this is over in a real sense 100s of pins).
Last Impact was Test-P/NPP/Var and in about two months I was up 12 lb with in any event 9 or 10 of value retainable increases and all huge lifts were fundamentally up- - numerous new PRs.
My GF enjoyed low portion prop and Var with ZERO negative side and a part of positives.
Currently I am cruising on Test-E/EQ low measurements and arranging a multi week Test/EQ/Deca impact/cycle very soon.

I will keep on being a drawn out recurrent client if Pharmacom can maintain this degree of value, prices, accessibility, and communication - I improve administration and regard from Pharmacom than I do filling a content at a significant USA drug store.
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Always great and not the last time here I am consistently happy,

He is exceptionally quick,

Everything is acceptable,

Testo e
Anavar bot dp,

The test e was clear simple to stick and no Pip delayed to begin and on week five I took off on 3ml every week muscles..... siphoned and holding bounty quality. Simple to tell great quality test on the grounds that the increases hit on week five and continue until you stop. Hostility and charisma at an unequaled high with a few sides Anavar was nice got siphons all over the place and lean increases on the 6 weeks I utilized it would utilize again defo however the 50 to spare wrecking . Quality went out of this world and the anavar helped consume some left over fat offSee more

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